About Us

We provide coaching, mentoring, consultancy and training. We specialise in organisation, team and individual development and helping businesses to grow and become more successful.

People turn to our services and use the Spring Programme when they need help to focus their minds and make the right decisions about their business and their people, and to develop themselves personally.

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We can help when:

  • You’re getting lost in day to management of the business and not able to step back
  • You know you need one, but you’re struggling to find the time and energy to put together a decent strategic plan
  • You’re putting new people or teams in place and urgently need them to hit the ground running
  • The senior team just doesn’t work together as well as it should, reviews the wrong things and struggles to make good decisions
  • Your sales team is not delivering the growth the business needs
  • When you put an annual business plan together it just doesn’t seem to get done
  • You’re frustrated and distracted by quality, delivery and other operational problems
  • The monthly board or senior team meetings are not taking place, or if they are they’re not effective
  • Key people critical to the success of the business are being challenged to achieve results and need support
  • You desperately want to develop a plan for the future and how you can exit or reduce your hours
  • There are teams and individuals in the business who need specific training and development tailored to their particular needs and standard programmes just don’t cut the mustard

About Corine Hines

There are lots of coaches out there and lots of different approaches and jargon. We like to think our approach is pretty straightforward, transparent and has an impact. At Spring we’re different in our approach and delivery because:

  • We’ve lots of experience and are very well qualified – at Spring we bring the combined learning and experience of all the other businesses we’ve worked with directly to you
  • We’re always results and outcomes focussed – the work has to deliver something tangible that you can look back on and think ‘that was worth it’. Take a look at my testimonials
  • A return on investment for you is expected and is our sole focus
  • We work with you not as outsiders preaching and telling but as partners side by side working on achieving results with you
  • We practice what we preach – using the latest learnings, methods and techniques
  • We aim to leave you to it eventually – we won’t create a dependency on us; we’re happy to be ‘trusted partners’ but we want you to be the expert and develop the skills to manage in the future
  • We’re not simply an outsource training provider – our work will be part of a plan and partnership with you to achieve results
  • This is not remedial coaching – it’s High Potential and High-Performance Leadership Coaching and Organisation Development – it’s not outsourcing the difficult conversations or sorting ‘bad uns’ out for you. That won’t help you in the long run!

To take advantage of what we can offer, contact us to see how the Spring Programme could help you deliver the results you need.

Overview of the Spring Programme

Spring Programme Overview