Case Studies

‘It’s not the knowing that’s difficult, it’s the doing’ – Chinese Proverb

Here are some case studies of exactly that – projects with companies, leaders and teams who have engaged with Spring and the Spring Board; some small, some large:

CSC Logo - A global leader in providing technology enabled business solutions and services.      case-study-csc-leadership-programme

BladeRoom Modular Data Centres     case-study-bladeroom-group

Summary Case Studies

Senior Leadership Development for a Group of High Potential Managers in a large Corporate IT company

The company works in IT support for large corporates and government organisations, delivering complex and specialised services, restricted in some cases by the need for security clearance. This meant that internal promotion was the most effective way of developing the future leaders of the business. I put together a 10 month Leadership Development programme for a group of 16 managers who were identified as potential leaders, including leadership coaching and certifying and qualifying them to CMI standards. Nearly all of them have been promoted into key positions and the company has now repeated the programme for a further group of 20. The cost of the programme was more than paid for by the savings in recruitment costs. Four members of the Spring Board were involved in this programme.

Fowlers LogoBusiness and Action Planning for an Aerospace Engineering Company

The company directors were very busy running a successful business but not having the time, energy or knowledge of a structure to enable them to work ‘on the business’ instead ‘in the business’. I developed Senior Management Team meetings with them to monitor and successfully plan the business strategically, and to develop the action planning that has taken the business forward in a more structured way. I continue to coach the team.

Gregor LogoBusiness Planning and Training & Development of the Senior Team for a Renewable Energy and Heating Company

A successful business, now starting to reap the benefits of good diversification into new markets and growing quickly, needed to develop the business strategy with all of the key people in the team involved and to train them in better management techniques and practices. I facilitated several strategy development and business planning sessions with the team and also delivered a Time Management and Prioritisation training day for the whole team.

Strategy Development for an independent Property Company     clear-river-email-img

A very capable MD of a highly successful property company needed assistance with their growth and business development strategy as well as their key marketing messages. I helped the business create their strategic growth map and coached and mentored the MD during the implementation phase whilst being engaged in monitoring and reviewing the plan for the business on an ongoing basis.

Business Strategy and Long Term Planning for a Pharmaceutical Company

The business is relatively small but with a remarkably strong market position in the supply of pharmaceuticals into the UK market. With such a small team the need to create a tight and easily implementable plan was crucial. I developed the business strategy with the Senior Team and MD to inform and develop the next 5 years plans for growth. I then helped the MD with regular coaching sessions to fully implement this plan.

sift media logoSenior Team Coaching for a Digital Media Company

Three members of particular teams were promoted and put into key senior positions in the company to prepare for the next stages of growth of the business. I coached and mentored each of them as they took on their new roles, helping them be more successful as they made the transition into senior management.

agdlogoCoaching and Mentoring for Traffic Control and Monitoring Engineering Business

A highly successful business delivering traffic control products into a variety of markets needed help to develop into its next stage of growth, and in particular for the MD and specific challenges he faced in taking the business to this next phase. I coached and mentored the MD in developing his long-term business strategy, communication style and methods of managing the highly technical team of engineers.

gfirst logoOperational Performance and Development for a Not For Profit Economic Development Company

Delivering economic support and planning for Gloucestershire, this organisation was challenged by the introduction of budget constraints and the formation of a new county structural organisation to lead Economic Development for the county – the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The team had to be restructured, moved from its premises and during this continue to deliver the economic support and programmes it had always done, with more intensive engagement with the business community and all the key stakeholders involved across the area. The challenge was considerable. I worked with the senior management team and the rest of the organisation not only to facilitate the changes necessary but also with hands-on involvement in the development and writing of the Strategic Economic Plan for the county to 2022. Developing enhanced team working, methods for monitoring progress, and day to day management of the challenges of the business were only a part of the brief for this highly successful economic development company. I continue to provide support where necessary.

hardisty_jones_logoStrategic and Business Planning for Economic Development Associates

This successful two-man team of economic development consultants utilises a network of experienced and professional associates, with themselves at the centre, to deliver very high-quality services and support across the whole of the South of the UK. Large scale projects such as Nuclear, Local Authority Planning and Development are a key part of the business, with the team being leaders in their field. What was lacking was an effective framework to hang the strategy of the business onto and the subsequent Business Plan that was required to implement it. I helped them develop, define and refine the specifics of their successful business by developing with them their long term strategy, value proposition, mission and vision. This has enabled them to start the process of recruiting for the future and the next stage of their growth.

PNP LogoBusiness Planning and Senior Team Development for a Plastics Injection Moulding Company

A relatively small but highly successful niche business delivering injection moulded parts and products to specialist companies and with their own product range supplying to schools and the sports market. They needed help to clarify their direction as a business, where the focus should be and what investments should be made in people and premises to facilitate the growth of the business. Developing a clear business plan and strategy was fundamental, then the implementation of the right management structure to grow the business. I continue to help this business regularly as they continue their growth, coaching and mentoring the senior team.