Focus and the Need for ‘Craft’

You’d definitely need a plan to get up here….!! (it’s the Matterhorn if you’re interested)

He’s hairy, American and passionate about his subject….! Brad Frost tells it how it is. He calls it bullshit and he might be right…

A great presentation with some quite incredible facts about how the internet and its content is building every day. And the need, in the context of such a quantity of information and data, to simplify and condense our messages and activities. The conclusion – what sets professionals apart from the other 90% – is the term ‘craft’. People are starting to appreciate craft, things that make things easier, simpler. Things that are of high quality and useful (without bullshit). Products, services and messages that are simple and more effective and engaging as a result. The future is about focus he says  – maximising the signal and minimising the noise – word of mouth will spread things more effectively than broadcasting through numerous over complicated channels. And the way to get word of mouth working is to provide craft..

Maybe it’s exactly the same with business planning and strategy development. The process of doing it has to be simple, and the output simple too. To quote Lou Pritchett – ‘people support best that which they helped to create’. When I work with teams to build their strategy and develop their business plans the overriding theme throughout all exercises is to keep it simple and clear. Craft something that everyone can use, understand and be part of. And to climb the Matterhorn it’s simply a need to climb carefully and well, with craft even.

Take a look at your latest business plan – has it been crafted carefully and simply so that it works and you are actually using to take the busines forward?

Now enjoy Brad on bullshit: