How We Work

A Spring Programme Overview

‘It’s not the knowing that’s difficult, it’s the doing.’ Chinese Proverb

We believe youre the best person to decide what you need to generate the solutions to your challenges.

You know your business, the environment in which you work, and the people you have who can help face those challenges with you. Our first priority is to help you to define what success looks like and the specific outcomes you expect.

We design a unique programme for you and/or your teams.

We help you diagnose what issues you have and what the solutions could be to address those issues. We then work with you personally with regular one to one contact, or we design specific interactions with your teams or even with the organisation as a whole. We agree on the length of the programme with you.

Our work with you is spread over a period to suit you and your organisation.

By allowing it to fit with your schedule and how you or your business operates the learning and development is more likely to stick and to be implemented, and as you discover more challenges and work with the Spring team you get to practice in real time with ongoing support available throughout.

We work with you on your challenges and your needs as they occur, adapting sessions to suit and creating with you the catalysts needed to make things happen.

Seminars, workshops and one to ones are designed for execution – to test ideas and solutions and work up actions that will really make progress. We reflect on successes and failures and what they mean so that corrections can be made on the way – change and development is complex and difficult – where you first set out may not be where you end up.

We help you make the journey successful.

Spring Programme Overview