Innovation and Wild Ideas

And talking of innovation…..well, it’s right at the heart of any business isn’t it? Needing to come up with new ways of pleasing your customers, new ways of providing your services, and even, obviously, new products.

When you’re the boss it’s a hell of a pressure to be the one who always thinks of the new stuff – spotting the problems and then finding the solutions, listening hard to customers to get those essential insights that will keep you one step ahead. You often feel you’re the only one who’s doing it! Solution – you need to leverage the people and teams in your organisation to do the spotting for you – set up some way of capturing ‘ideas from the front line’ – and do reward the spotting, even if you don’t (or can’t) do something with the information. The key is to get more eyes and ears out there and to encourage it as the culture of your business. Ideas are good. Make it a theme for the month…

Another way is to seek out and cultivate the ‘wild ideas’ people – there’s always one somewhere in your organisation. You know – the one who (when finally asked) says ‘I’ve been thinking we ought to try…..’ And sometimes it really is wild, but for every five or six crazy ones there is usually one that has some legs and can be modified, or used as is, to take the business forward. Seek them out and have a talk, you never know…Ideas are good.

And if you want an example of a wild ideas guy take a look here.

Scott really does have some wild ones…… let me know which ones you think are goers!

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