My Kind Of Graffiti

Business Graffiti – I like lists, top tips and wisdoms that sometimes help you do your job, often with some hidden gem that somehow rings a bell and makes sense (see my Leadership Musts and Shoulds too). Problem is always how to present them. Now I know that this is not graffiti but hey it gets the message across!

In this world of ‘work smarter not harder’, ‘removing  suboptimising’, ‘cross functional deployment’ and generally blinding business-speak, it is nice to come across a list that is down to earth and simply suggests ‘How to Work Better’, with practical, and frankly doable things that just make sense….don’t need to say much more!

How many out of the 10 are you doing today or will try to do tomorrow?

(and yes the little bit of OCD in me did spot the Say It Simple – *Simply…).


aand SMILE!