For existing, past or potential clients – where you can find useful items and resources to help you or your business. Here you’ll find occasional articles, theories and thoughts that might be of interest, and which could help you resolve a challenge or analyse a problem in a specific way. Contact me if you want to ask a specific question too! Remember –  people come to us when:

  • The MD or Directors are getting lost in day to day management of the business and not able to step back
  • They know they need one, but are struggling to find the time and energy to put together a decent strategic plan
  • The market is getting tougher and the team can’t seem to work out the right moves to make
  • They’re putting new people or teams in place and urgently need them to hit the ground running
  • The senior team just doesn’t work together as well as they should, often discuss the wrong things and struggle to make good decisions
  • The sales team is not delivering the growth the business needs
  • Every time they put an annual business plan together it just doesn’t seem to get done
  • They are frustrated and distracted by quality, delivery and other operational matters
  • The monthly board or senior team meetings are not taking place, or if they are they’re not effective
  • Key people critical to the success of the business are being challenged to achieve results and need support
  • The owners of the business desperately want to develop a plan for the future and how they can exit or reduce their hours
  • The business is growing but the people aren’t – they need training and development to keep pace

We’re always happy to have a chat about any challenges you have. I also have a number of colleagues and a network of resources who can help with specific enquiries – feel free to make contact and we’ll do what I can to help; The Spring Board.

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 Articles and Resources

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