Spring Board

Led by Steve Lobley, the Spring Board is a small collaborative group of coaches, mentors, consultants and trainers who work together for the benefit of their clients. We meet regularly, exchange ideas and help each other with problems, find new resources and contacts for each other – all aimed at ensuring that our individual clients get the very best service possible when they work with us.


Working collaboratively we add to the resources available to you as the client. By working with Spring you can access the combined knowledge and experience of the whole Spring Board and all of their contacts and networks, to ensure you get exactly what you need to succeed, grow your business, or to solve your particular problem.


Working in a non-partisan way, delivering only what is needed for our clients, there are no financial benefits passed between us, we just do what it best for you the client, individually or cooperatively, whichever works best.

The Spring Board – A Working Example: BladeRoom Group

‘We first started working with Steve in 2014 with help in developing our strategy for the business – with the promotion of the senior department managers in the business to the company Board, we needed to focus our thoughts and actions on the longer term business strategy rather than the operational day-to-day which was what we were used to and familiar with.  We required a clear consensus among the group of directors on where we were going as a business and how to implement the actions needed to actually make things happen. With Steve’s help, we developed a strategic map and detailed business plan as a team and used this as the basis and framework for our long-term plans going forward set out in quarterly actions and targets which were easier to digest and put into action.

When we made the decision to promote some of our senior managers into key director roles to form a Board we engaged Steve and his team to provide the training and development of these managers. He and Corine Hines provided a programme of specific training days which were needed on leadership, delegation and others. Corine also delivered monthly Leadership Coaching to each of the directors individually helping them to change their behaviours and manage more effectively as Directors, as well as to implement the things they had been learning on the course. Ann Sherrington was used to help the Sales team by delivering training on presentation techniques, and she also worked with two other senior Directors on how they might present themselves to investors and to other potential stakeholders. Geraldine McCullagh worked with two of the directors on their presence, confidence and gravitas, providing one to one coaching for each of them and helping them improve their personal presentation. Alan Kitto aided the business with HR advice and personal support for one of the directors too.  16 months on, the whole team is in a completely different place from where they started, we could not have done this without the planned and tailored programme of support put together by Steve and his team. It has been excellent. We continue to use them as a resource right now.’

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The Spring Board


About Steve Lobley
4K4A3670 Name: Ann Sherrington
Tel: 07747 873886
Email: ann@enablingselling.co.uk

Website: http://www.enablingselling.co.uk/

Working in groups and on a one to one basis, I turn reluctant, unconfident, uncomfortable and new sellers into confident successful ones who win sales and enable their organisations to grow. Originally trained as an engineer, I have over 15 years’ experience working with organisations in many sectors whose people need to change from being reactive to pro-active sellers, whose technical specialists need to step –up and be part of the sales effort, whose experienced sellers need help selling in an increasingly difficult or changing marketplace and whose sales managers need support to help them develop practical sales plans and manage effectively. Before qualifying as a coach in 2000 I held sales rep, sales & account management and customer service management roles in both small and blue chip companies working with customers in both the UK and Europe.
CorineHines631 Name: Corine Hines
Tel: 07814906027
Email: corine@corinehines.com
I’m an experienced EMCC qualified leadership coach working with high potentials, directors, executives and senior teams across a variety of functions. I’m passionate about helping my clients explore their leadership styles to make sustainable changes to their behaviour. This could enable them to step up to a more senior role, step back and bring on their successors, bring clarity to their decision making, as well as help them channel their strengths to make themselves more successful in their day to day work.
4K4A3832 Name: Geraldine McCullagh
Tel: 07801707126
Email: geraldine.mccullagh@btinternet.com 

Website: http://www.geraldinemccullagh.co.uk/Coaching

I’m a business coach, trainer, facilitator & mentor, and I draw on my extensive experience as a broadcaster and BBC Executive coach to help leaders and their teams with self-presentation and communication skills.
Whether they need to build on their ability to address a conference, to have more confidence chairing meetings, to develop their pitches or improve their media skills and strategy, I can help. I take a holistic approach to work on my clients’ breathing, posture, pitch, pace and body language, as well as looking at any inner dialogue that’s interfering with their confidence, and how to get clarity around their message and target audience.


4K2A3721 Name: Alan Kitto
Tel: 07971 113399
Email: alan.kitto@soundhradvice.com  

Website: http://www.soundhradvice.com/

A Chartered Fellow of the CIPD with more than fifteen years of senior level experience in designing and delivering strategic HR and Training solutions across all market sectors. I work with business people to demystify HR and provide simple yet proactive, practical and innovative HR solutions to support businesses in achieving their goals and aspirations. I can work on the following: under-­‐performance or demotivation in the workforce, difficulty recruiting or retaining key roles, advice on restructuring or reorganisation, business acquisition, outsourcing/insourcing (TUPE), long-­‐term or short-­‐term sickness issues, grievance, disciplinary or capability situations.


4K4A3837 Name: Caroline Rawlinson
Tel: 07701 036720
Email: caroline@thevividonsultancy.com

Website: http://thevividconsultancy.com/

I’m the founding director of the award-winning Vivid PR Consultancy and public relations and social media consultant for design and digital specialists Mosaique. I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Passionate about the power of PR and communications to drive the commercial success of companies and their brands, I focus on the value of strong, authentic content to deliver results for clients both on and offline.  I work with multi-national blue-chips, SMEs, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations to both promote and safeguard reputations in the fast-moving digital world when brands are effectively open for business 24/7. My specific expertise focuses on the management of design and digital projects alongside the delivery of programmes incorporating media relations, social media, event management, community & stakeholders relations, crisis communications and internal communications.