Superb Marketing, a Great Example of ‘Doing it Right’

I like finding good practice and excellent implementation – the DOING. I particularly like people and businesses that really get it right. Here’s a great example of some great marketing – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

When you’re selling a service which depends on you as the main deliverer, the key thing you need to sell is yourself – but how do you do it?

In this fantastic example of identifying his target market, telling you about the very specific service he provides, and with a tempter to get you to sign up (aren’t you desperate to know the 6 1/2 Secrets??) Darryl sells his business to you effectively right from the off.

Using video (he’s selling himself remember), and smiling all the way, he tells you what you want to know about what he does and how he does it. Notice how he points to the right parts of the website as he’s doing it…..!

The copy on the site is exactly matched with Darryl too – good chap, dependable, trustworthy, someone you would be happy to have in your house.

What else do you need to know? I’m a happy chappy. Like one sugar in my tea or coffee. Support West Ham United. Prefer XFM or Radio 6, but if Radio 3 is your bag, no worries. And I always tidy up after myself.

So if you need a bright sparky who’s competent, confident and smiley, call me on one of the numbers above or drop me an e mail. A site visit and free, no obligation quote will be in your hands in no time.

Check out the testimonials too – what better way to sell your service than to get a quick 30 second video and upload it to the website. And what is the best source of leads for a business like this? Referrals…you may not listen to Darryl but you’ll listen to his satisfied customers, particularly if they’re saying it to you directly and not just quoted. You can’t fake one of these easily!

I also happen to know that if you want to work for him you have to send him a video CV of why you should (he’s selling personality remember and you need to fit in) AND he sends his customers postcards from his holidays – a great personal touch, but wow, what a way to keep him in the front of your mind for when someone you know says ‘I need a good electrician’.

As I say –  a masterclass – enjoy.

(And thanks to you too Darryl – we’ve never met but I couldn’t have written this without you!)